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Virtual Monitoring is the proactive use of a camera system. With Virtual Camera Monitoring there is a live person actively watching your cameras and assessing the situation.


Traditionally camera systems have been used in a reactive manner. The majority of the time people would wait for theft, vandalism or any type of crime to happen. They would then look through the recorded footage to try and find out what happened. Most of the time being too late to be able to do anything about it.

Monitoring Room


With Virtual Camera Monitoring crime can be caught or prevented before it occurs. In the past, the best tool available to property and business owners was the use of security guards.


However this is a costly avenue. Especially when trying to cover a large area and multiple security guards would be needed to effectively secure it. Virtual Camera Guards can be in multiple places at once. Surveying the entire property and at a much lower cost.

Investment Chart


Our Virtual Security Guards actively watch your cameras, looking for events in need of enforcement. When an incident is identified, the Monitor will speak through the camera system in real-time using speakers installed onsite.


These are not pre-recorded or canned messages. These are announcements made in real-time by a live Virtual Security Guards. This extremely effective tool lets the culprit know they are being watch and recorded, they must cease their activity and/or vacate the property. If they do not comply an officer will be dispatched.

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