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American Virtual Monitoring (AVM) offers a real-time, remote video camera surveillance monitoring (CCTV) service for business owners across the country. All monitoring is done in-house and here is the United States. AVM does NOT subcontract any monitoring service, allowing us to better serve our clients and their needs. AVM uses only the latest video camera surveillance technology to monitor surveillance cameras during specified times that are tailored to meet the customer’s needs. This process allows for maximum effectiveness of catching criminal activity, enforcing rules and deterring crime before it happens. AVM notifies the authorities with information that helps stop the crime while in progress and often times before the crime even happens, by using a talk down feature to address a particular person. The speaker/microphone and camera will be mounted side by side and will allow 2-way communications between base station and remote locations. 

Security guards can be expensive liabilities, especially when they are not doing what they are supposed to. Our virtual guards can watch many areas of on your property simultaneously. This would take multiple security guards to perform the same task. With the continued increased expense of having “traditional” security guards, AVM’s virtual guards have saved our clients up to 70 percent. AVM has the capability to design, install, service and live-monitor security solutions across North America. AVM is ALWAYS on-duty.


  • AVM Leadership has gained their training and experience from similar enforcement methods within the law enforcement community

  • Reliability

  • Multiple Areas Can Be Monitored Simultaneously, 24/7

  • Instant response

  • Professionally trained monitoring personnel

  • Reduced Cost, saves clients up to 70 percent of a traditional security guard

  • Giving clients piece of mind knowing their assets are being watched

  • Help prevent vandalism / burglaries

  • The talk down system lets suspects know they are being watched by the camera guards, who also advises them the police are being dispatched

  • Management of the site can monitor the area of interest remotely, at any time, from a computer or smart phone

American Virtual Monitoring
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