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Stop crime before it happens

AVM is the leader in remote video surveillance monitoring. We increase the security of business owners, protect their assets, and proactively manage potential threats.

What is Virtual Monitoring?

Traditional video surveillance systems are only effective after a crime is committed. Our virtual monitoring utilizes a live person to actively watch your camera feeds and assess the situation. If a potential threat is identified, the security expert will attempt to deter the crime through our integrated on-premise audio system and escalate to local law enforcement if needed. 

Security Agents use an integrated on-premise audio system to announce that the perpetrator is being recorded and to vacate the premises.

When an incident is identified, and compliance is not gained, local law enforcement is immediately notified.

A report is generated and sent to you describing the incident and the steps taken to protect your business.

Our Security Agents actively watch your cameras, looking for events in need of enforcement.

How Virtual Monitoring works





No motion alerts and no false positives

Other security companies rely only on event-based monitoring, meaning they only catch movement when a computer creates an alert. This practice leads to many false alerts, which overloads agents, so when a crime actually occurs the agent might miss or ignore it. AVM Security Agents do not only rely on event-based alerts when monitoring video feeds which means that every camera feed is monitored 100% of the time.

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More reliable and cost-effective than traditional guards

Improperly trained security guards can be expensive liabilities, as they are often not invested in their work. AVM’s Security Agents can monitor many areas of your property simultaneously, removing the need for multiple guards, and saving you money.


Decades of law enforcement expertise

AVM was founded by former police officers and we strive to maintain a good working relationship with local law enforcement. Police departments around the country know when they receive a call from AVM, the active threat being reported is legitimate. Fast police response times mean that suspects can be apprehended in record time.

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Turnkey solutions for every business

AVM works with you to develop a custom, fully monitored CCTV camera system that fits your specific needs. Existing camera systems can also be easily integrated into the AVM network. On-premise speakers can be added to enable AVM security agents to communicate with potential criminals to prevent and deter.


The average business cuts security costs by more than 70% by switching to AVM virtual monitoring


Instant response from AVM Security Agents

2-way speaker system helps stop crimes before they happen

Multiple areas can be monitored simultaneously 24/7

View your camera feeds from any computer or smartphone

Professionally trained AVM Security Agents

Security Agents are always watching your cameras

Stop crime before it happens

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how AVM can help you increase
security, protect your assets, and proactively manage potential threats.

American Virtual Monitoring
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